The St Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum

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14th March 2017

The St Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum

The St Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum is Russia's first international forum devoted to labour issues of young people. We aim to bring together young men and women to share their aspirations about education, work and society, how they go about achieving them and how they overcome obstacles. We encourage a lively and constructive dialogue between young people, key members of government, the business community, workers’ representatives, scientists and many others that have something useful to tell us. The forum will be an interactive event consisting of lectures, debates and informal exchange of ideas in open access streams. It is an important part of the St Petersburg International Labour Forum devoted exclusively to young people and the challenges they face.

Streams of the Forum

The Forum runs simultaneously several streams:

Scientific conference

This stream invites young researchers to present their scientific papers on labour issues. They will be all summarized in the Book of Abstracts, and the best ones will be published in the scientific journal with impact-factor.


It serves as the place for master classes and expert panel discussions on the professions, young entrepreneurs, the challenges they face and employment opportunities in the world of work. It discusses career building and skill development for young people.

Public lecture

It provides a unique opportunity to follow a lecture and get involved in discussion with a world-renown Nobel laureate who does research on labour issues.

Dialogue with politicians

Is a stream created for direct dialogue with distinguished politicians, whose decisions have direct impact on youth employment.

Forum’s programme

Schedule of the Forum


Registration of participants.


The opening ceremony and speeches by officials.


Plenary session.


‘Public lecture’ venue.


‘Scientific conference’ and ‘Careers’ venues.


‘Dialogue with politician’ venue.


The Forum’s Closing Ceremony.

Labour Forum

Forum of your dreams!

Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg is a city with great history and culture. It was founded by Peter the Great on May 27, 1703, and flourished as the capital city of the Russian empire, boasting one of the greatest museums of the world and a great many architectural marvels. In 1917 it lost its name and the capital city accolade to Moscow but it always remained the cultural centre of Russia with distinguished economic, academic and educational institutions.

In 1991 the city witnessed the signing of the first post-perestroika agreement on managing social and labour relations between the executive branch of the local government and trade unions. The tradition of signing the agreement continued, involving also (from 1992 onwards) the employers’ federations.

It is therefore appropriate that we should hold the first Youth Labour Forum in the city. And this is not the only reason. The attractions of the city have made it a regular host city for high-profile international forums, and the International Labour Forum with its Youth section will become a key part of the international conference calendar of the city.








Foreign guests


Forum’s speakers

Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides

The 2010 Nobel Laureate in Economics, the Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Professor of the European Studies at the University of Cyprus, the Head of the Growth Laboratory at the Saint Petersburg University.

Dmitry Cherneyko

The Chairman of Saint Petersburg Labour and Employment Committee.
Speaker at the Plenary session.

Denis Osipov

Business-trainer, MBA, manager of strategic planning department of SPB TRAINING company.
Speaker at the ‘Careers’ venue.


Saint Petersburg University

One of the leading research and teaching universities in Russia.

Saint Petersburg Labour and Employment Committee

The regulator of the labour market of St Petersburg that implements the state policy in the sphere of labour, employment and migration.

Contact us




‘Mihailovskaya dacha’ Campus, Saint Petersburg University,
building 109, Sankt-Peterburgskoye sh., Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Financial support

Traveling expenses are covered by participants. On the day of the Forum free shuttle buses are provided from the nearest metro station. Non-resident participants during the Forum (on prior request) may be given an opportunity to be accommodated in Saint Petersburg University students’ dormitories.


How much does it cost to participate in the Forum?

Participation is free of charge. Traveling expenses are covered by participants.

What is the procedure to participate in the Forum?

Step 1: Apply to the Forum on the website;
Step 2: Fill in the registration form in the Personal Account;
Step 3: Receive a confirmation of acceptance of your application for consideration on e-mail;
Step 4: Receive results of your application consideration on e-mail before February 14th, 2017.

Can participation be refused?

The number of participants is limited. The priority will be given to applications of the most motivated candidates.

Is it possible to apply for one of the steams and visit the extra ones?

Yes, the Forum provides open access to all streams.

What are the types of participation in the Forum?

There are TWO TYPES of PARTICIPATION with open access to all of the streams:
1. Participant with paper at the ‘Scientific conference’ stream (application and submission of extended abstract are via the Forum’s website). 

2. Participant with no paper (application and submission of motivation letter are via the Forum’s website).

When the results of selection of participants will be known?

Before March 6th, 2017.

How can one register as a partner, sponsor or media representative in the Forum?

There is a special registration form on the Forum's website to follow.

Will a certificate of participation in the Forum be provided?



Information on the website will be updated regularly. Follow our news

St. Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum 2017