St. Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum
21 april 2021
Saint Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum (PIYLF)

The PIYLF is the first international platform for young generation to discuss a wide range of issues related to labor, employment, human capital and human resource management with all parties concerned – government, business, science, trade union, non-profit organization and education representatives.

Forum's objective
To allow young people to express their views on contemporary issues and new challenges in the labor market.
Forum's Theme
Actualization and development of human resources.
Forum's platforms
Within the Forum following platforms are to be active concurrently:
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Self-management as a science of life
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Matrix of global opportunities
scientific conference
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Labour in the Digital Economy
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Problems of Young People's Entry into the Labour Market and Experience in Solving Them
and as well:
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E-mail for the press:
E-mail for the Speakers:
E-mail for the partners:
E-mail of the conference:
Russia, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Campus «Mikhailovskayia Datcha», Sankt-Peterburgskoye Shosse, building 109
Frequently asked
What's the price for participation?
Participating in PIYLF is free. Any transportation expenses are on the participants.
What steps shall be taken to participate?
Step 1: File an application request on this website.
Step 2: Fill in the questionnaire.
Step 3: Get an application acknowledgement in your email.
Step 4: Expect a response until 31 March 2021 in your mail.
Can my application be denied?
Number of participants is limited. If a need for selection shall arise, priority should be given to well-motivated and active applicants
Can I visit other platforms while signing up for just one?
Yes, Forum participation allows open access to all platforms.
What forms of participation are planned for PIYLF 2021?
1. Participant with a report
2. Participant with no report
When the selection results are to be known?
Before 31 March 2021.
How to apply as a sponsor, partner, mass-media representative?
Compose and send an e-mail to partner.piylf@spbu.ru and pressa@spbu.ru
Is any certificate of participation to be provided?
Yes, every participant will be given a certificate of participation.
Participants are to discuss the importance of career planning and creative thinking development for compliance with future job requirements. Speakers will help sort out how to build communications with largest international companies and teach how to define oneäs place in labour market and devise a successful development strategy.
Track tells which skills are required for a young professional to engage in a dream company, how to successfully pass selection for the desired post and properly position self on labour market, unleashing self's labour potential.
Participants can learn intricate details of technical skills necessary for professionals, and also plunge in the domain of SMM and freelance. Speakers will help understand newest digital tools on labour market and talk about the need for analytical development in digitalization age.
From global challenges to local practices: how implementation of «Targets of stable development 2030» will affect labour market of the future? Young professionals and students unite their forces to discuss relevant economic and social metamorphosis caused by introduction of newest Concept of stable development.
Relevant trends in human resources: how to and why manage young talents? Participants of this section will have an opportunity to exchange their knowledge and experience in applying modern methods and practices used in work with new generation manpower.
The platform gives a unique chance to attend the talk of the world-renowned researcher of labour issues and ask their questions.
Provides an opportunity for direct engagement of youth with employees within poster session.
Introduces guests to active projects of non-profits aimed at comprehensive development of youth.
Helps young generation get to know perspectives on the global labour market within Saint Petersburg Internationale Labour Forum (PILF-2021)